NEW! Academic Programs Database

In 2007, we compiled a list of 21 academic programs specializing in Media Literacy. The excel file includes contact information for specific people "in the know" and is a great resource for prospective students. To download the file, click here. And for a more exhaustive survey from 2002, go here.

Media Literacy Programs

Appalachian State University: Masters
Webster University: Masters
Southern Illinois University: Masters
London Knowledge Lab: Masters/PhD

Other Related Universities

MIT: Comparative Media Studies: MIT
EGS: The European Graduate School
UT Austin: Dept. of Radio, TV, and Film
UC Berkeley: School of Journalism
Annenberg Schools at UPENN and USC
Rutgers: Media Studies
Temple: Media Education Lab
UMass, Amherst: Dept. of Communication
NYU: Media Ecology

Major Organizations

ACME: Action Coalition for Media Education
NAMLE: Alliance for Media Literate America
MEF: Media Education Foundation
Media Literacy Online Project: Oregon U
NMMLP: New Mexico Media Literacy
AEJMC: Education/Journalism/Mass Comm
NCA: National Communication Assoc.
ICA: International Communication Assoc.
NML: New Media Literacies at MIT
CML: Center for Media Literacy

Curriculum Resources

PBS: Teacher Source
PLS: Project Look Sharp
Frank Baker: Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Canal Comunica: Based in Barcelona, Spain.
Peter Clayton: Media Studies Resource Hub
CML: Center for Media Literacy
New Media Literacies: Based at MIT.
Susan Rogers: Media Education Resources
Media Awareness: Canadian Network
Reclaim Your Culture
: Culture Jamming
Metaphilm: Film Criticism for the Media Literati

Faith-Based Groups

Pauline Center for Media Studies: Catholic
The Jesuit Communication Project: Jesuit
Great Electronic Awakening: Presbyterian
Empowerment: United Church of Christ


UNESCO: The McBride Report (1980)
Citizens for Media Literacy: North Carolina
Media Action Center: Get organized!
SCAMM: Concerned Students
Free Press: Media Reform Movement
The Big Ten: The Mass Media Conglomerates
FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting


MWG: Media Working Group
EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation
NAMAC: Natl. Assoc. of Media Arts Centers
Creative Commons: Alternative Copyright
Youth Media: Links for Youth-produced Video